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How can we take care of our skin after summer to make it fresh, moist and non-greasy?


What should we pay attention to after the summer?

1. Is it okay to apply only lotion?

The lotion can be used to soften and Makeup skin care moisturize the stratum corneum, but the water locking capacity of the lotion and the main concentration of repair work is weak, after which we still need to perfect the Chinese skin care effect by using the essence of the cream type of products.

The texture is refreshing, or a lotion with an important secondary cleansing production function is recommended to be applied with a cotton pad so that students can get a better fit to every inch of skin while taking away the aging keratin and helping them to open up the absorption channels of the skin. The thicker textured lotions are recommended to be applied directly with the hands, with some other massage techniques can also provide help to exclude their own water retention and tighten the skin.

2. What kind of lotion is suitable for wet application?

Yes, but you need to pay attention to the choice of lotion, do not use too much alcohol products, so as not to cause irritation and dryness, and do not use a lot of acidic ingredients of the lotion, easy to play too strong oil control and exfoliation effect, damage the stratum corneum.

3. lotion also need to apply cotton pads?

It still depends on your personal skincare habits, but applying lotion with a cotton pad can really treat some dead spots on your skin, like your nose, etc. Also, cotton pads remove excess oil and prevent excess oil from being left on the skin, causing clogged pores and acne.

4. What cream to use in summer?

The last lotions and creams for skin care are moisturizers, so choose one according to your skin type and skin care habits. In summer, when the temperature and humidity are higher, you can choose creams or creams that contain less oil and have a refreshing texture.

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